1. At the book’s opening, Georgia remarks, “It seems to me that what worries us most . . . is least likely to happen, while what is most likely is some unimagined event, and how do we prepare for that?” How would you answer this question?

2. Talk about Georgia and Graham’s marriage. Are they happy? Could they ever be happy? Was it fair of her to have a child with him? While they are on vacation by themselves, Georgia calls Graham reckless. Is he?

3. Consider the men in Georgia’s life: Graham, Charlie, Frankie. Each has a distinctive characteristic. How do these characteristics influence Georgia’s relationship with each person?

4. What draws Georgia to Charlie? Might events have turned out differently if she’d never met him, or would her marriage to Graham have changed anyway?

5. How would you cope with a child like Frankie? Is Georgia doing the right thing by using sign language? Compare Frankie’s interaction with Charlie and with Graham. Why won’t Graham sign with his son?

6. When Georgia meets Dr. Sonia, her new pediatrician, she tells her that she spends every waking minute with Frankie, and the doctor asks her why. Were you surprised at this question? Is a hovering parent necessarily a good parent?

7. What impact does receiving Charlie’s mermaid sketch have on Georgia? Were they in love? Could a future have worked out between them?

8. In thinking back over the events that occur involving Graham and Frankie’s accident, Georgia asks, “Did I betray my own son?” What do you think? Could Frankie’s accident have been prevented? What about Graham — was his fate a choice or an accident?

9. Were you satisfied by the ending? Did it all work out the way it should have? Could Georgia’s future have been different?

10. What is the significance of the title Sea Creatures?